Lychee or Lichi in your Office Fruit Baskets

Lychee or Lichi in your Office Fruit Baskets

A favourite in our Seasonal Office Fruit Baskets a lychee has a uniques flavour, it has a sweet citrus flavour with a hint of rose water. It is a tropical fruit with a peelable skin. Some say it has a taste somewhere between a Grape and a Pear.

How to eat Lychee fruit

These wonderful fruits are best eaten fresh. Peel the skin with you fingers and the gently bite the skin or suck the flesh.

When to eat?

Most lychee varieties are ripe when the skin turns pink or red.

Lychee Fruit in Office Fruit Baskets

What does Kaki fruit taste like?

Some say they taste somewhere between a Grape and a Pear. The have a distinctive sweet citrus flavour.

Where are they from?

Originally most Lychee are grown in southern China, northern Vietnam, and Cambodia. Today they are gown in many more countries commercially however these areas still represent the larger proportion of of where the fruit is grown.

How to Store 

Keep your Lychee fruit refrigerated at around 5°C.

Bunch of lycheeBunch of lychee

Nutrition of a Lychee

Most of  litchi is made of water. Water makes up around 82% of this fruit. It contains negligible fat and around 17% carbohydrate. The raw pulp is rich in vitamin C, having  a huge 72 mg per 100 grams.

Where can I try Lychee

Order an office fruit basket from eatfruit of course! They come with free delivery with contents and varieties that change weekly with the seasons.

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