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Red is the new Orange

Blood Oranges in Your Office Fruit Basket this week – Red is the new Orange

Odd Fruit and Wonky Fruit in Fruit Baskets

What do we do with odd-shaped fruit?? It’s not exactly a question that most people are asked, but it’s a perfectly relevant question to ask the Eatfruit team! After all, we’re constantly zipping up and down England, Scotland and Wales, delivering the finest fruit to offices like yours… and we’re committed to making our wider world a better place, too.   So, what do we do with odd-shaped fruit in our office fruit baskets – […]

Lychee or Lichi in your Office Fruit Baskets

Lychee or Lichi in your Office Fruit Baskets A favourite in our Seasonal Office Fruit Baskets a lychee has a uniques flavour, it has a sweet citrus flavour with a hint of rose water. It is a tropical fruit with a peelable skin. Some say it has a taste somewhere between a Grape and a Pear. How to eat Lychee fruit These wonderful fruits are best eaten fresh. Peel the skin with you fingers and […]

Fruity Facts Kaki Fruit

Office Fruit Baskets with Exotic Fruit like Kaki Our office fruit baskets are becoming more adventurous. This week we will be including the edible fruit known as Kaki, which is a type of Persimmon. Looking a bit like an Orange tomato it is proving to be a seasonal favourite in our office fruit baskets and with more vitamin C than a Lemon it certainly packs a punch on the nutritionally. They can range from a […]

Create opportunities for healthy choices with an office fruit delivery from Eatfruit

Workplace Wellness Create opportunities for healthy choices with an office fruit delivery from Eatfruit… By Food Scientist and Nutritional Therapist Susie Debice BSc Hons, Dip ION When it comes to supporting the health and wellness of your employees it’s worth considering a well-rounded wellbeing programme that embraces all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. Diet and nutrition help provide the foundations for many aspects of wellbeing, so a regular fruit box delivery is a convenient way to […]

The Best Tasting Pear

The Best Tasting Office Fruit Pear 13th May 2019 – Eatfruit | The Office Fruit Delivery Company This week we are delivering Abate Fetal Pears, we think these are the best tasting pears available. They are aromatic and very sweet with rich notes of honey. Valued for their creamy, crisp flesh and unusual elongated shape. We hope your enjoy! [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Looking for an office fruit delivery? [maxbutton id=”4″] We deliver the freshest, crispest, juiciest […]

A Pear that looks good and with good taste?

A Pear that looks good and with good taste? 19th May 2019 – Eatfruit | The Office Fruit Delivery Company [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] When we source our fruit for our office fruit boxes we choose flavour over the aesthetics, this week we have achieved both! Your office fruit delivery stars a couple of special treats. We have managed to source some early season Spanish Nectarines and a variety of Pear that is one of the best […]

Upcoming Office Fruit Blog

Upcoming Office Fruit Blogs Here you will find a list of our upcoming office fruit blogs… Fresh Fruit Baskets London Fruit baskets delivered directly to office throughout London City and Greater London. Seasonal, Fresh and Bursting with goodness. Fruit Delivery in Plymouth Fruit Delivery in Plymouth to office(s) and workplaces are becoming more and more popular as part of employee wellbeing programs. Office Fruit Deliveries in Scotland Our fruit is delivered throughout the majority of […]

Lancaster, Barrow, Ulverston and Preston Fruit Delivery

A fruity Lancaster office fruit delivery franchise Our latest franchisee, Andy has just launched his Eatfruit business. Andy will be covering Lancaster, Barrow, Ulverston, Dalton, Grange-over-sands and Preston delivering the freshest, tastiest fruit to office(s) and workplaces across the region each week. Each of the boxes of fruit that Andy delivers will be bursting with easy to eat office fruit such as Apples, Pears, Oranges, Clementines, Grapes, Berries and of course, the office favourite Bananas. An […]