Office Fruit Delivery

Office Snack Price Comparison

Office Snack Price Comparison No matter if you are buying Office Fruit, Office Milk or Office Snacks from Eatfruit it is important to know that you are buying for your business at the best price possible, whilst ensuring that everyone on the supply chain is paid a fair living wage.  In order to check how an office snack boxes compared we did an analysis of how much it would cost to purchase the equivalent box […]

10 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs a Fruit Delivery Service

According to a study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, consuming fruits and vegetables can increase feelings of happiness, life satisfaction, and overall well-being. The study found that the more fruits and vegetables people consumed, the happier they felt, with the greatest benefits observed at 7 servings per day. The study also found that people who consumed more fruits and vegetables tended to be more creative and curious, which are important attributes for success in the workplace

The Return on Investment of a Wellbeing Programme

With the cost-of-living and of doing business making money tighter than ever, we’re not surprised that employers begrudge investing in a workplace wellbeing strategy. But, what if we told you that it will actually cost your business more in the long run if you don’t invest in the right support now? Time to talk numbers You’ve probably seen figures in various news articles from several research outlets on how much mental health costs UK employers. […]

Where we deliver office fruit boxes in and around Solihull and Birmingham

A office fruit delivery service is available in each of the following areas across the England, Scotland and Wales. Milk and Fruit Office Delivery in Solihull Still a quaint, town full of interesting architecture with Tudor houses and shops.  Nearly three-quarters of the borough is defined as Green Belt and luckily for us the residents eat lots of fruit! Find out more Fruit Basket Delivery in Birmingham Eatfruits fruit box delivery service is the perfect way […]

Upcoming Office Fruit Blog

Upcoming Office Fruit Blogs Here you will find a list of our upcoming office fruit blogs… Fresh Fruit Baskets London Fruit baskets delivered directly to office throughout London City and Greater London. Seasonal, Fresh and Bursting with goodness. Fruit Delivery in Plymouth Fruit Delivery in Plymouth to office(s) and workplaces are becoming more and more popular as part of employee wellbeing programs. Office Fruit Deliveries in Scotland Our fruit is delivered throughout the majority of […]