English Apples are Here!

Discovery apples are one of the first to arrive each year and next week we are pleased to announce we have secured a small amount for your office fruit boxes. Discovery’ was first introduced to the market by the Suffolk nurseryman Jack Matthews ( Wikipedia .) The Apple is a bit like Beaujolais Noveau, its not the best tasting in the world but its appeal is that it is fresh and new, which at this time of year with the majority of Apples imported  from New Zealand makes a welcome change.

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The Discovery Apple

Under good growing conditions the Discovery Apple is yellow-green with a dashing of dark red where it has been exposed to the sun.  It is medium sized and has a taste that is sweet, lightly acidic with a slight touch of Strawberry. Whilst they are pitched as the first English Apples they only get better through the season, by late August onwards. At this time the skin becomes a deepish red and so does the flesh.

The shelf life of these apples is short. They are best stored chilled and eaten quickly!

The UK Apples Season

The Discovery Apple is very important for the UK apples market, whilst a relatively small amount is grown it signals the start of the UK apples season making it one of the most promoted and invested English apples.

Watch out for the following  apple varieties as we progress through the season. The next you will experience is Early Windsor and Delbarestivale, available late August followed by Zari, Worcester Pearmain and Cox available mid September onwards. You can find a full list here. Finally, in late December you will see UK Braeburn apples, an office fruit box favourite.

braeburn apple
A Braeburn Apple – Available from December

Home Grown Apple

If you were looking for an easy to grow Apple in the garden the Discovery is an excellent choice. Its relatively easy to grow and you will be rewarded with a better taste experience as you pick it off the tree.