Environmental Policy

Eatfruit Environmental Policy Statement                                                                                                         

We want to leave the world in a better position than how we found it and recognise our obligation towards our people and the wider communities in which we operate to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment. As such we are committed to this Environmental Policy and all our people are required to cooperate to ensure that it is fully implemented. 

  • Ensure the prevention of pollution.
  • Aim to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • Minimise the consumption and wastage of natural resources as far as reasonably and economically practicable.
  • Dispose of all waste according to the principles of the waste hierarchy.
  • Incorporate environmental considerations into the acquisition and design of the firm’s building where possible.
  • Ensure that consideration is given to purchasing environmentally sustainable products and services as well as considering service partners’ environmental credentials in the selection process.
  • Provide information, instruction and training to staff as necessary on the environmental impacts of the firm’s activities and on mitigating measures and initiatives to minimise these impacts.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into key business decisions.
  • Where appropriate, actively encourage our clients to adopt environmental and sustainability strategies.

Some examples of the work we have done include:

Reducing Food Miles & Carbon Neutral Logistics

As much of our inbound fruit for our fruit deliveries as possible is sourced with the majority from the UK and Western Europe with as minimal food miles as possible, avoiding air freight whenever possible.


Having carefully considered our outbound logistics we chose to use third party carrier who is carbon neutral. This is a favourable environmental solution as opposed to running our own fruit delivery fleet which would be very in-efficient.

Eco-friendly, Plastic Free Packaging & Carbon Neutral

Our motto is to reuse, reduce, recycle. We minimise the use of plastic to an absolute minimum and offer office fruit deliveries that are completely plastic free. We also offer a choice of milk delivery options including glass milk bottle deliveries and milk dispensers. Our logistics are 100% carbon neutral.


All of our inbound packaging is recycled or re-used by local farmers.

We Don’t Use Traditional Office Fruit Baskets

In terms of hygiene, traditional office fruit baskets used time and time again are very hard to clean, therefore we don’t think its suitable for the supply of your office fruit basket. Instead, we deliver in a 100% recyclable carboard display unit, made from 86% recyclable FSC certified, carbon neutral board and printed with eco-friendly inks.


Near Zero Food Waste

We operate at near zero food waste. Any graded out stock is donated to local food charities.