Fruity Facts Kaki Fruit

Office Fruit Baskets with Exotic Fruit like Kaki

Our office fruit baskets are becoming more adventurous. This week we will be including the edible fruit known as Kaki, which is a type of Persimmon. Looking a bit like an Orange tomato it is proving to be a seasonal favourite in our office fruit baskets and with more vitamin C than a Lemon it certainly packs a punch on the nutritionally. They can range from a vibrant yellow to a dark red orange.

How to eat Kaki fruit

Wash and bite into like an apple, or slice the top off and scoop out the flesh

When to eat?

Eat your Kaki fruit raw. If there are seeds, remove  them. A persimmon should be firm and crisp, with a sweet flavor.

kaki in office fruit basket

What does Kaki fruit taste like?

They are thin skinned and the texture of Kaki fruit is often described as similar to an Apricot, a persimmon at its peak will taste sweet, mild, and rich. Make sure they are ripe or you will be disappointed as they will taste Bitter.

Other varieties to look out for……

Sharon fruit is a type of Kaki or Persimmon fruit. It  has a wonderful sweet, fresh flavour even if it is still firm.

Where are they from?

Originally from China our Kaki fruit is generally sourced from growers in Spain.

They are generally available in the UK over the winter months.

How to Store 

Store your Kaki fruit chilled and move to the warmth where they will quickly ripen ready to eat.


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