Glass Milk Bottles or Plastic Milk Bottles

Glass Milk Bottle Office Delivery

Increasingly our customers are requesting glass milk bottles for there office milk deliveries along with there office fruit deliveries. In many of our delivery areas we can now offer a choice, plastic poly bottles or glass. Which is best for the environment however is to be debated. Each material has its pro’s and con’s. Glass can be used many, many times however it is costly to transport due to its significant weight whereas plastic is much lighter and can be detrimental to the environment if it ends up in our oceans.

What happened to glass milk bottles ?

In the past it was common place to have you milk delivered to your home and office in glass bottles.  The use of these reduced dramatically during the 1980’s and 90’s as the supermarkets drove down the price of milk, encouraging the use of plastic bottles. The use of glass milk bottles dropped dramatically to just 3% in 2016 read more


Are Plastic Milk Bottles Better for the Environment than Glass Milk Bottles ?

Plastic milk bottles can be widely recycled. Usually they are manufactured from HDPE. Identified by the number “2” in the recycling triangle on the bottom.

Recycle Milk Bottle

In a closed loop recycling system the environmental issue isn’t as significant. These bottles become a major issue when the plastic enters our oceans and breaks down into micro plastics. This impact today is not fully understood. When these milk bottles are recycled the value of them as a material typically decreases. They are often un-suitable to be used as food packing again but can be used as milk bottles once again if they are kept within a closed loop recycling system.

White milk bottles unlike natural coloured bottles can’t be recycled into new milk bottles because of the colouring but they can still be recycled into other valuable products

Most councils will accept plastic milk bottles as part of general recycling.  Milk bottles along with other recyclables will be sent to a materials recycling facility (MRF).

How should to recycle Plastic Milk Bottles

The labels on plastic milk bottles are designed to fall off easily in the recycling process. It is recommended to squeeze the air out of the milk bottles and leave the tops on your milk bottles when you recycle them.

Glass Bottles

When milk is delivered to the office in a glass bottle the consumer will use the milk and the leave the milk in a convenient location to be picked up again.  Once picked up the bottles are returned to the dairy. The dairy sterilise and refill the milk bottles to be used for the next office milk delivery. Delivery in glass bottles can be more expensive than plastic. They cost more to manufacture and because of the significant weight they can cost more to distribute and pick up as opposed to plastic ones.

Where can I get milk delivered to my office in Glass Bottles?

For customers looking for a milk delivery to the office in glass bottles along with an office fruit delivery just send an e-mail with your requirements ( or number of employees ) to or if you are just looking for a office milk delivery in London, Sheffield, Liverpool, Gloucester, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Warrington try our sister business

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Milk Dispensers, a good alternative to Glass or Plastic Milk Bottles

For the larger office requiring a good supply of milk then milk dispenser or cooler should be considered. These units accept bag in box 3 Gallon, or 24 pint re-fills. Drastically reducing the amount of waste and carbon created via the transportation. In addition, they also save valuable space the office fridge, are much tidier and often work out cheaper than deliveries in either glass or poly bottles. These units can be leased at or you can buy them.

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