Healthy Wellbeing Ideas

Healthy Employee Wellbeing Ideas!

You give your employees fruit in the office so why not give them fruit at home too?

Eatfruit now sell fruit vouchers , but don’t be fooled by the name, they can be used as payment towards a fruit delivery, a fruit and veg delivery or a healthy snack delivery straight to your employees homes.

Our fruit vouchers are a great solution for those wishing to extend their employee wellbeing programme to remote workers or even to those in the office too! Perfect as a one-off gift or for regular deliveries. They give your employees the power to order as and when they choose so none go to waste!

Vouchers are available in £20, £50 or £100 values. 

Fruit Delivery Gift Voucher

Choose your wellbeing package :

Your team could choose from the following options :

A Fruit and Veg Box, packed full of tasty delights including Grapes, Apples, Pears, Clems and a selection of roots and greens | £18.95

A delicious Veg Box containing around 8 to 9 varieties of fresh veg | £18.95

A Home Fruit Box, bursting full of fruity treats from Melons to Kiwi to Plums to Bananas  | £18.95

A Fruit and Snack Box, the perfect combo of easy to eat fruit and tasty snacks from Oat Bars to Veggie Crisps | £20.00

Easy to administer

It’s really easy to set up. Simply drop us an e-mail at with how much you would like to spend per employee and the number of employees. We will then send you a list of unique voucher codes that you team can then use to order directly from eatfruit, so no GDPR worries.

Just for you

If you want something special for your employee wellbeing programme please get in touch. We have lots of ideas and can personalise your fruit deliveries for you.