Lancaster, Barrow, Ulverston and Preston Fruit Delivery

A fruity Lancaster office fruit delivery franchise

Our latest franchisee, Andy has just launched his Eatfruit business. Andy will be covering Lancaster, Barrow, Ulverston, Dalton, Grange-over-sands and Preston delivering the freshest, tastiest fruit to office(s) and workplaces across the region each week.

Each of the boxes of fruit that Andy delivers will be bursting with easy to eat office fruit such as Apples, Pears, Oranges, Clementines, Grapes, Berries and of course, the office favourite Bananas.

Office fruit baskets

An office fruit delivery is a great way to keep your office happy and healthy and is the perfect way to demonstrate to you staff that you value them.

The service not only saves you time, not having to nip out to the local ships to replenish the fruit bowl but is also environmentally friendly. Each delivery is made in a re-useable wooden crate that is picked up and replaced with a new one each week. No excess packaging here!

The perfect pear in your office fruit basket

In addition to fruit, fresh milk, flowers, tea, coffee and all other office essentials are available and if you have more than one office we can arrange one consolidated invoice for you.

If you would like a weekly delivery of fruit then give Andy a call on 0333 050 7718.

Interested in becoming an Eatfruit | Office Fruit Delivery franchisee? click here

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Why have an Office Fruit Delivery?

When it comes to supporting the health and wellness of your employees it’s worth considering a well-rounded wellbeing programme that embraces all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. Diet and nutrition help provide the foundations for many aspects of wellbeing, so a regular fruit box delivery is a convenient way to help step up your office nutrition. read more

Lancaster Barrow Ulverston Preston Office Fruit
Lancaster Barrow Ulverston Preston Office Fruit

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