Lychee : The best fruit in the office?

Lychee Fruit – fresh fruit delivered to your office

Lychee fruit is a tropical fruit, also commonly referred to as “alligator strawberry,” thanks to it’s red and bumpy skin. Lychee fruit itself is native to southeastern China, dating back to the eleventh century.

Typically, lychee fruit season starts in early spring and lasts until late Autumn, providing you with two seasons of deliciously fresh and tasty fruit. Furthermore, lychee fruit is oval in size, similar to a grape but sweeter in taste – a must-try!

This article will discuss Lychee fruit in more detail and will later touch on the benefits of having fresh fruit delivered to your office.

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Why order Lychee fruit to the office?

Lychee fruit contains several healthy vitamins and minerals, alongside various antioxidants. These antioxidants are essential when it comes to building up a strong immune system, keeping you healthy and illness-free year-round.

Ordering lychee fruit to the office provides your employees with fresh, sweet, and great tasting fruit. However, not only does it provide a pick me up during the day, it promotes health & wellbeing, ensuring your employees remain focused, energetic, and most importantly, at work and not off sick.

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What are the benefits of having fresh fruit delivered to your office?

Not only is Lychee fruit healthy and a great addition to the office, but regular fruit deliveries are also an excellent idea. This provides employees with an incentive to work; however, other benefits of eating fruit include:

  • A pick me up during the workday
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, general inflammation, and diabetes
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure

The more fruit we eat, the healthier we are and the less risk we have of developing heart conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and other health problems and concerns. Introducing fruit at work, whether throughout the day or at lunchtime as an excellent way of increasing fibre and overall healthiness in employees, perhaps reducing health care costs and related expenses.

Furthermore, eating fruit and vegetables regularly helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. This is especially important if working in a particularly stressful environment, reducing stress and increasing wellness. To be most effective, fruit and vegetables should be eaten alongside regular exercise, whether that’s a walk during lunch or a gym session before or after work. Consider implementing cycle or run to work schemes, further promote employee health and reducing health costs and expenses.

So, what are you waiting for? Order Lychee fruit to your place of work today, or other fruit boxes to receive health and subsequent financial benefits, you won’t regret it.

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To conclude

Lychee fruit and regular fruit is an excellent addition to the working day. With Eat Fruit, you can order fresh fruit boxes to your place of work, providing your employees with a sweet and tasty snack to put them on for the day. Not only this, but you’ll also benefit from reduced health care costs and other expenses. Oh, and you’ll get to enjoy a sweet piece of fruit yourself.

Office Fruit Delivery from Eatfruit

Eatfruit deliver fresh, hand picked fruit and delivery to your office on a regular basis. FruitBox deliveries can be made to Manchester, London and Nationally throughout the UK.

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