Office Milk Delivery | Convenient, Fresh and Easy!

We supply our milk from your local diary via a ultra reliable team of milk men and women ensuring that your office fridge keeps topped up!

Our office milk delivery service is hassle free, we make the management of your milk supply really easy and convenient.

A Great Choice of Milk Delivered to your Office

We offer a great range of milk for your office. Alongside the traditional Semi-skimmed Milk, Whole Milk and Skimmed Milk our range also includes : Almond, Soya and Lactose Free. We work with a network of local dairy partners and deliver milk to offices in Sheffield, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cardiff, Oxford, Cambridge, Colchester, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, Norfolk, Suffolk and many other locations.

Depending on your office location we are able to offer a choice of packaging to suit your requirements. Milk can be delivered in 1 pint glass bottles, 1 litre poly bottles or 2 litre poly bottles.

Prices & Payment

We try very hard to balance our prices with paying our farmers a fair price. Please contact us for a competitive quote. Payment is invoiced on a monthly basis.

Milk Minimum Order

We have low minimum order quantities. In most areas our minimum order is just 8 pints.


We have no contracts. You can suspend or change your orders as often as you like, we just ask for 48 hours notice.

Office Milk Delivery

We try and keep our food miles down, your milk will be delivered from your local dairy in England and Wales. We deliver to most areas. Please enquire and we will do our very best to supply you. Milk deliveries can be made daily, weekly or fortnightly, just let us know what works for you! We have a large network of delivery locations from Barrow and Lancaster to Cardiff to Plymouth. If you have more than one office we can delivery to all locations and provide you with just one consolidated invoice for your milk.

We deliver milk and more to your office

In addition to fruit our fruit boxes and fruit baskets we can deliver fruit juices and a range of healthy snacks. Make your office a happy and healthy one.