Minneolas – The Honey Bell Fruit

Minneolas – The Honey Bell Fruit

A sweet tart taste, easy peel skin and hardly any seeds ( if any ) makes this citrus an office favourite when in season. Not only do they taste good but the look good too, and are easily recognisable because of its bell shape – hence the name. The fruit is a hybrid of hybrid of the Bowen grapefruit and the Dancy tangerine. Minneolas are the most common form of Tangelos.

How to eat Minneolas

Pick a Minneolas that is firm and has a heavy feel. Avoid fruits with soft spots or wrinkled skin. The skin is easy to peel, make sure you have a napkin to capture the juices! Always take a sample first, these fruits can easily fool you. They can look perfect on the outside but may not be fully developed internally.

minneola fruit

Where are they from?

Originally the fruit was developed in Florida in 1897 by Dr Walter T.Swingle. Today most is harvested in Turkey and South America ( Peru ) for the UK market.

How to Store 

Minneolas store well, at ambient temperature they can easily last as week and if refrigerated can comfortably last for 2 weeks.

Nutrition of a Minneolas

These fruits are bursting with nutrition with loads of health benefits from very low fat content to an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Where can I try Minneolas

Now your asking! Simply order an office fruit basket from eatfruit.co.uk and when in season you will experience Minneolas delivered straight to your office.


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