Modern Slavery Statement

A woman holding an Eatfruit apple
– Modern Slavery –

Our Organisation, Structure and Supply Chain 

We are a  fast-growing  start-up, established by two founders who are passionate about fruit and doing business the right way. Our business sources and packs the finest seasonal fruit baskets, local milk and groceries and offers a nationwide  office fruit, milk and grocery delivery  service using carbon-neutral logistics  to most of England, Scotland and Wales.  

Eatfruit is a private limited company and as a family business, we take our legal, moral and ethical obligations to our farmers, customers, and the world seriously. We understand that Modern Slavery is a global issue impacting millions of people and we are committed to playing our part in ensuring our business operations and businesses that supply us are run in an ethical and sustainable manner with the aim of leaving the world in a better place than how we found it.  

Our business operations are based in the United Kingdom. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer where inclusion matters and employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. 

In the last financial year, we have worked closely with a small number of suppliers based in the UK who provide us with products such as fresh produce, milk, groceries, eco-friendly packaging material and services such as recruitment and technology services.  Our supply chain is predominantly located in the UK with a small number of our UK suppliers who source seasonal produce from Europe and South America ( Bananas ).   

 Accountability for addressing any modern slavery and human trafficking risks within our company and supply chain lies with the Board of Directors. 

 Policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking  

To ensure our business operations are conducted in an ethical and socially responsible manner, we are introducing the following policies in our organisation to reflect our commitment to the importance of human rights and to mitigate risks of slavery and human trafficking.  

  • Whistleblowing policy 
  • Grievance policy 
  • Equality and Diversity policy 

 We have no tolerance for abuse of human rights within our business or supply chain and will take any allegations regarding violations of human rights very seriously. With these policies, we hope to build awareness and encourage employees to raise any concerns in good faith in a safe environment. 

Due Diligence & Risk Assessment 

We are a National Living wage employer and to mitigate the risk of labour exploitation, we have obtained the services of a labour provider who is licenced by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licensing scheme. This scheme ensures that businesses who supply workers meet the employment standards that are required by law. We will be recruiting more to the Eatfruit family as the business grows, whilst ensuring we continuously monitor that our labour provider is licensed to minimise risk of labour exploitation. Being a small company enables us to have a hands-on approach in our business operations and we have regular informal discussions to gain employee feedback of the working conditions, using the GLAA indicator guidelines to spot any signs of labour exploitation.  

Having established our business in 2019, our suppliers have been with us from the start and we are nurturing long term, direct relationships with our main suppliers who are made aware of our organisation aspirations to operate in an ethical manner and who share our values. Our positive engagement with suppliers builds confidence that there is fair treatment for their employees.  Modern Slavery is often hidden and we do not have visibility into lower tier suppliers practices which is a risk we have identified, however, we are looking to build on our due diligence and risk assessment practices to understand the business operating context. We aim to collaborate with our suppliers and plan to draw on recognised frameworks such as the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code to help guide, assess and mitigate modern slavery risks in line with international standards. The enablers of senior management commitment, supplier engagement and collaboration will lay the groundwork for effective due diligence practices.  


The Senior Management endeavours to keep abreast of industry best practices and draw on credible resources such as UK Home Office Training resources, Stronger Together, GLAA materials for awareness training. This information will be trickled down to the staff to ensure everyone in the business is alert to the risks of modern slavery. 

Our policies related to modern slavery will be emphasized to the staff so that they can flag up potential issues. We will also create awareness about the Modern Slavery Helpline and other external organisations such as the GLAA, the Police and Crimestoppers as additional sources of assistance. 

Looking Forward 

As Modern Slavery can take many disguises, we are committed to continuously improving our approaches to mitigate any risk and outline some of our initiatives for the coming year:  

  • We aim to continuously improve our policies to ensure modern slavery risks are mitigated. 
  • We aim to conduct risk assessments to understand the areas in our business and suppliers that are prone to high risk so as to focus our efforts to initially address these areas. 
  • We aim to implement due diligence practices with our suppliers by using self-assessment questionnaires which will be guided by the ETI Base code principles and seek to understand the measures taken by our suppliers to ensure modern slavery is not occurring in other tiers. 
  • We plan on creating a Supplier Code of Conduct? 
  • We plan to incorporate relevant modern slavery awareness training in our company 

The following statement has been approved by the Board of Directors of Eatfruit Ltd. 

– Our Growers –
An Apple on a Tree

We source our fruit from growers we know and pay a fair price.

– Grown for Flavour –
One of our office fruits grown for flavour

We choose the varieties in our fruit boxes for taste, not aesthetic perfection.

– Eco-Packaging –
An office fruit basket with apples

We use re-usable wooden crates , re-usable bamboo baskets or fully recyclable packaging.