Odd Fruit and Wonky Fruit in Fruit Baskets

What do we do with odd-shaped fruit??

It’s not exactly a question that most people are asked, but it’s a perfectly relevant question to ask the Eatfruit team! After all, we’re constantly zipping up and down England, Scotland and Wales, delivering the finest fruit to offices like yours… and we’re committed to making our wider world a better place, too.

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So, what do we do with odd-shaped fruit in our office fruit baskets – just throw it all away?

Nothing of the sort!

You see, we only believe in providing the very best fruit to workplaces around the country, and our perfectionism is such that we just don’t include any odd-shaped fruit in our boxes.

We stand equally strongly, however, for not wasting anything in the operation of our business, which is why any fruit we deem not up to standard is given to a network of local food banks.

It’s just one more of our many socially responsible practices that mean you really can place your order with us absolutely guilt-free.


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You know what they say about an apple a day…

…but you might not have known that the boxes of apples and other fruit you arrange to have delivered to your offices by Eatfruit are helping to boost the happiness and health of our wider planet as well.

Our sustainability efforts encompass the likes of rotation and reuse of our wooden fruit crates, which are handmade in Bristol from reclaimed wood. Or, if you’d prefer, we can deliver your fruit in an attractive and fully recyclable cardboard box – the corrugated cardboard being carbon neutral.

In fact, not just our cardboard boxes, but also our entire delivery logistics are carbon neutral. We strive to ensure the net carbon result of our logistics is lower than the equivalent number of people making a trip to the shops to buy fruit.

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Don’t be the ‘odd’ one out – get your quote for fruit delivery from us today!

With our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts also including periodically giving our customers the chance to vote on the charity we should support, we’re proud to say that here at Eatfruit, we’re constantly trying to make our world an ever-so-slightly nicer place… for everyone.

The Odd Fruit Delivery to Offices on Fridays

But we don’t just do that through our deliveries – we also do it through our fruit itself. So why not request your quote now for some seriously scrumptious fruit deliveries that every member of your team is sure to appreciate?

Looking for an office fruit delivery?


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We deliver the freshest, crispest, juiciest fruit boxes and fruit baskets direct to your office or workplace on a regular basis. Our delivery network expands nationwide and covers most of the UK.


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Looking for an office milk delivery?

We deliver local milk direct to your office. Flexible, reliable and Fair. One Monthly Invoice.


Office milk delivery with you odd shaped fruit