Office Deliveries of Tea, Coffee, Sugar and other Office Pantry Items

We supply everything from Yorkshire Tea to Hand Picked Ugandan and Tanzanian Black Tea to Unique Yirgacheffe Bean Coffee from Ethiopia. In fact we can supply all your office pantry requirements.

Tea for the Office
Office tea delivery service
Sugar for the Office
Office Coffee Delivery Service

£11.50 for 100 bags


£21.50 for 1040 bags


£2.45 for 2kg


£21.00 for 750g


Not only do we deliver the freshest fruit and locally sourced milk to your office but we can supply all these office essentials too along with your weekly office fruit delivery.

Simply drop us an e-mail with your approximate weekly usage and we will send you a custom quotation. If you don't know your weekly usage, just let us know the number of people in your office and we will do some clever maths!

Need Milk for the office too?