COVID-19 – Donate a Box

One of our customers kindly donated their weekly fruit box deliveries to four different homeless charities for the duration they are working from home.

If you would like to help others you can donate money here. We will use this to send fruit to those nominated on the form below.

We will publish a list of recipients on this page.

If you are an existing customer and would like to re-direct your box please call or email us

If you would like your box re-directed your employees homes please call or e-mail us.

Nominate someone or an organisation in need to receive free fruit

We are building up a list of people whom would benefit from a free fruit delivery. If you know someone, or a group of people in need please fill in the form below and we will put them on the list.

COVID-19 – Safety

We operate high standards of food safety within our packing facility and have protocols to reduce any risk as much as is feasibly possible. We have a 5 start food safety rating.

When compared to a supermarket where the fruit can be touched by many, ours is only packed by a small number of people whom we know whom all adhere to the highest standards.

In the office environment we advise that you keep the box of the lid closed and wash all fruit before eating.

COVID-19 – Our Business

We are a self funded, family business. We started trading April 2019 and have invested all we have, in both time, money and energy. Thanks to you, our customers we have seen good growth during this time and have done our vey best to supply you with the very best fruit. We genuinely appreciate the business you have given us. Thank you.

It is clearly going to be a very difficult time for us, its times like this when you see the best and worst in human nature. Over the last few days we have seen the biggest drop in sales anyone could imagine. In the same day a major, very profitable supplier reduced credit terms to us. It felt like the end, I was ready to close the doors, and then, employees offered to work for free and the above customer donated boxes to charity.

Right now we are not sure how, but we are going to lick our wounds, look after one another and pull through this as a business and as friends.

Take care of yourselves and others.

Domations we have recieved :

K Preece £10.00 | K Preece £20.00 | Company A 8 Boxes Per Week | Company B 1 Box Per a Week

Places we have sent donated fruit boxes since 23rd May 2020 :

YMCA Runcorn | Elderly Person in Need | Mid Cheshire Food Bank | The Whitechappel Centre | E5 children’s ward Royal Bolton hospital | Individual in Need | Park View Residential Home | Individual in Need

n.b. Donations quoted below are in addition to this. Each week we have donated all our excess fruit to local food banks and the homeless.

Eatfruit charity Donations

pieces of fruit donated over the past 15 months