Office Fruit Deliveries in Cambridge

Fruit supplied to your co-workers in the office is a great way to encourage everyone to swap fruit for the chocolate bar.  It also saves you time running to the shops to keep your fruit bowl topped up. Fruit boxes are now a common element of health & wellness programmes with top employers. Read more on the benefits here.

A Healthy Office

A regular delivery of fresh, seasonal fruit is a really good and healthy workplace perk for your team in the office. Fruit is a great way to motivate staff and improve both health and morale, leading to fewer absences and increased productivity.

Office fruit baskets Seasonal and FavOffice fruit baskets Seasonal and Fav

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Office Fruit in Cambridge

If you work in the Cambridge City Centre, Cambridge Business Park , Cambridge Science Park or anywhere else in Cambridge or the surrounding areas then a fruit delivery, direct to your office can be made on a regular basis either weekly, bi-weekly or everyday. Eatfruit offer a no hassle, reliable service with a choice of boxes full of goodness and vibrant flavours. In addition to fruit boxes, milk, healthy snacks, Tea, Coffee and Flowers can also be delivered. This is your one-stop shop for all of your pantry items.

Ethical, Sustainable and Fair Fruit

As much of our fruit as possible is sourced from the UK and Western Europe. We run eco-delivery routes to keep food miles down, use re-usable crates to reduce packaging waste or fully recyclable cardboard and pay our growers and producers a fair price. This allows them to invest for future generations. As a privately owned family business, we take our commitments to our farmers, customers, and the world seriously.

Did you know? in Cambridge 12,390,000 bananas are eaten each year? That’s a lot of bananas!!

Office Milk & Pantry Items

We can also deliver fresh, locally sourced milk and other pantry items such as Tea, Coffee and Sugar. Please let us now your requirements at