Fruit Delivery in Cornwall to Offices and Workplaces

We select only the best fruit for you to enjoy. Bursting with vibrant flavour and sourced from growers that we know

Cornwall is fast becoming one of the best areas of the country to work as many offices and workplaces are now having a weekly fruit delivery. These are made straight to the office or workplace.

Ordering healthy snacks, fruit and milk for your employees to your worplace is a simple, cost effective method to encourage the health and wellbeing of your team. Typically a weekly delivery of fruit from eatfruit contains a mix of ready to eat fruit. This includes all the essentials like Apples and Bananas plus seasonal treats ranging from crisp grapes to juicy, health busting blood oranges.

Fruit has been linked to higher levels of concentration and motivation. It is the perfect ingredient for high performing teams.  It is a great way to demonstrate your a good employer, helping to increase staff retention.

Most businesses choose to have a delivery at the start of the week to ensure non goes to waste. Bigger businesses may have a second delivery on a Wednesday. The environmental credentials are good.  Fruit Box deliveries come in a recyclable cardboard box in order to minimise waste.

A fruit delivery service to the office also has a financial benefit. No more nipping out to the shop in the rain to buy the fruit each day. Payment is also easy, one simple invoice per month or you can even pay by direct debit or card. The choice is yours!

Keep your office happy and healthy with a no-hassle and reliable fruit delivery from Eatfruit. It doesn’t matter if you live in Penzance, Camborne, Nequay, St Austell, Truro, Saltash or Bodmin our fruit will arrive  fresh and ready to eat.

Office Fruit Delivery Van London



We usually recommend you plan for 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per week per employee.


We carefully hand select only the very best fruit creating fruit boxes bursting with vibrant flavours and seasonal colours.


Direct to your office. If you have multiple offices we can consolidate your invoices across multiple offices.


In our core delivery areas we
pick up your empty fruit crate and replenish with a new one, full of fresh fruit.


We use re-usable wooden crates , re-usable bamboo baskets or fully recyclable packaging.

The Eatfruit Mission

We are committed to operating our business in the most sustainable manner possible whilst ensuring the sustainability and livelihoods of the people and business that supply us

Grown for Flavour

We choose the varieties in our fruit boxes for taste, not aesthetic perfection.

Office Fruit Delivery London
Office Snack Box

Seasonal Office Fruit Box Delivery

If you have a larger office please contact us for a competitive quote

Our service is hassle free, payment is monthly with one consolidated invoice.   We can deliver to multiple sites or departments across the UK.

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