Exeter Office Fruit Deliveries

Hundreds of businesses in and around Exeter now have an office fruit delivery directly to their office. For those fortunate to have an office or workplace around Exeter, maybe in the City Centre, Exeter Business Park, SkyPark, The Innovation Centre or perhaps, Exeter Science Park then a reliable office fruit delivery is a great alternative to a trip to the shops.

Deliveries normally start early in the morning. Some businesses like our fruit delivering first thing and left on the doorstep before the office opens, other offices prefer it a little later in the day. You pick the delivery day (Mon to Fri), and how often you want your fruit boxes delivered: weekly or multiple times per week and we do the rest.

Our fruit, your office

We select our fruit varieties for taste, not aesthetic perfection and we pay a fair price to all our growers. We also deliver Milk, Snacks, Tea, Coffee, Flowers and other Pantry items.

  • Fruit Delivery
  • Milk Delivery
  • Office Flowers
  • Office Healthy Snacks
  • Office Tea & Coffee

More than one office?

We deliver our fruit, milk, flowers and healthy snacks to offices across the UK. If you have multiple offices we can also remove the admin hassle by providing just one consolidated invoice.

Did you know that Exeter many years ago had a street called Milk Street? Milk Street as a name was first recorded in the time of Henry II, 1154-1189.