Fruit Box Delivery in Harlow, Essex

Office fruit deliveries in the West for Essex in places like Harlow are becoming increasingly popular. Each week offices and workplaces are receiving a delivery of fresh seasonal fruit. Eatfruit provides a no-hassle weekly to help keep your co-workers healthy, happy and motivated whilst improving the corporate image of your business in Essex.

Ethical and Fair Fruit

As much fruit as possible is sourced from the UK and Western Europe. This helps to support UK producers and minimise our carbon footprint from long haul transportation. We ensure that we know which growers our fruit comes from and we pay our growers a fair price to allow them to reinvest in their businesses.

From £17.95 per week

Environmentally Friendly

Fruit is delivered to your office(s) or workplace in a re-useable wooden crate that is swapped for a new one bursting with fruit each week or a full recyclable display unit. Perfect to compliment the office kitchen.

Office Fruit Delivery from Eatfruit Essex

Deliveries can be made throughout Harlow, Essex and surrounding areas on a regular basis either weekly, bi-weekly or daily.

Did you know? The name ‘Harlow’ is said to come from the Anglo Saxon word ‘Hlaw’ meaning ‘Army Hill’