Seasonal Fruit Box for Offices Delivered

Office Fruit Deliveries in Liverpool

If you have an office, factory or workplace located around the Liverpool area, perhaps in the City Centre, Triumph Business Park. The Kingsway Business Park or perhaps Nelsons Business Park or anywhere else in Liverpool then you can get a delivery of the freshest, juiciest fruit direct to your workplace or office, avoiding those trips to the supermarket each day to buy your fruit.

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Fresh, Fruit Baskets Bursting with Flavour, direct to your office

A delivery of high quality fruit to your office in Liverpool is a great way to keep your Liverpool workplace fully topped up and performing to the full by ensuring that all of your co-workers remain refreshed all day.  Eatfruit delivers fruit to your office directly. Not only that, you can also receive deliveries of a wide variety of fresh milk and healthy snacks direct to your office - its an ideal way to keep your office happy.


Make your Office a Happy and Healthy One

Whether you want to receive office fruit deliveries regularly as a way of encouraging your Liverpool employees to be healthy, or want to save time by having milk and other office pantry items delivered to your door then we are the people to call.

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If you have more than one office in Liverpool or Nationally we can provide a delivery of fruit to all of them. We also remove the admin hassle by supplying just one consolidated invoice. click here.

Did you know that Liverpool has the largest collection of Grade II-listed buildings outside London. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments. more info