Corporate Fruit Boxes the Reading Office

As business owners, we sometimes tend to forget how simple things can make our employees feel valued. Showing even a little amount of appreciation to your employees can really demonstrate how much you care. That’s why arranging to have a corporate office fruit basket on a weekly basis is such a good idea!

Fruit baskets have become very much a staple in many offices in Reading. Each of the fruit baskets we create include fresh seasonal fruit as well office favourites such as Bananas and Apples. So, of course, ours will contain pears, oranges, and apples. We ensure that all fruit used in our baskets is of the highest quality and is fresh, to ensure it arrives at your office looking as lovely as the moment we finished creating it.

The Eatfruit Mission

Our aim is to bring the freshest, tastiest fruit straight to your office. We are ethical in everything we do and work hard to bring you the very best produce from growers we know ( and pay a fair price to ) for you and your team to enjoy. We want to leave the world a better place than when we came into it.

Our Office Fruit Baskets start from just £14.95 ( cheaper if you buy more )

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Ethically Sourced

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Office Fruit Deliveries in Reading

Deliveries of fresh seasonal fruit are made to offices and workplaces across Reading on a weekly basis. A choice of two fruit mixes are available. A Favourites mix full of Bananas, Apples, Plums, Pears and Clementines and a Seasonal mix that includes all of these plus Grapes or Berries. The fruit can be delivered in either a re-usable office fruit basket or a fully recyclable display unit.

Why have an Office Fruit Delivery?

When it comes to supporting the health and wellness of your employees it’s worth considering a well-rounded wellbeing programme that embraces all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. Diet and nutrition help provide the foundations for many aspects of wellbeing, so a regular fruit box delivery is a convenient way to help step up your office nutrition. read more

Did you know? Legend has it that Ghandi once stopped off at Castle Street in Reading to enjoy tea, cakes and of course, a spot of meditation

Larger Office?

If you have a larger office please contact us for a competitive quote. Our service is hassle free, payment is monthly with one consolidated invoice.   We can deliver to multiple sites or departments across the UK.

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