Office Fruit deliveries in Bradford

Fruit deliveries in Bradford are becoming more and more popular, as a result employers increasingly offer free fruit to employees as part of employee health and wellbeing programmes.

Eatfruit provide a regular, reliable fruit delivery service to offices, workplaces and businesses throughout Bradford, Bingley, Allerton, Pudsey, Keighly and surrounding areas.

Office Fruit

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Office Fruit, Milk and Snacks Delivery

A fruit delivery from eatfruit to offices are usually made early in the week, most customers opt for a Monday delivery although larger businesses can choose multiple delivery days if they wish. A couple of health busting fruit boxes are available: A Favourites box jam packed with easy to eat office fruit such as Apples, Pears, Bananas and Clementines and a Seasonal Box with all of the office essentials plus juicy, crisp Grapes and seasonal Berries.

Fruit deliveries in Bradford

Our Fruit Delivery Service

We deliver our fruit baskets and fruit boxes straight to your office. With our full Satisfaction Guarantee you can be confident of receiving only the best fruit to your office week after week. 

Good for you. Good for the Planet

We are committed to operating our business in the most sustainable manner possible whilst ensuring the sustainability and livelihoods of the people and business that supply us.

Multiple Office Locations?

We deliver our fruit boxes nationally, if you have multiple offices we can also remove the admin hassle by providing one consolidated invoice. You can pay for your fruit by invoice, direct debit or card.

Eco-Friendly Office Fruit Delivery

Our fruit delivery service also has some great green credentials. The fruit is either delivered in a re-useable wooden crate that is picked up and replenished with a full new one with the following delivery or a beautifully presented recyclable cardboard display unit. Our deliveries are all C02 Neutral.

For the larger business preferential prices are available for multiple deliveries to the same address.

An Office Fruit Delivery Van

Office Fruit deliveries in Bradford

Did you know? Bradford St James Fruit Market, Essex Street, Bradford, BD4 7PN. was once voted the best in Britain for cutting the amount of waste it produced by 1,600% ?


Office Fruit Baskets start from just £15.95 ( cheaper if you buy more )

Office Fruit as Part of your Wellbeing Programme

Fruit boxes are now a common element of health & wellness programmes. With our easy to manage ordering system and ultra-reliable delivery service, you can rest assured your order will be waiting exactly where you need it when your workforce arrives in the morning. read more

We supply Office Milk to Bradford

As part of drink milk, the UK’s national delivery network we can supply fresh milk and more from your local dairy straight to your office – all on one monthly invoice.  Milk is available in traditional glass bottles along with non-dairy alternatives such as Soya, Almond and Oat. Prices start from 58p per pint