Office Fruit Delivery in Warrington

Having a fruit basket delivery to the office is a great way to encourage your teams to be healthy and create a happy, motivated place of work.

Our office fruit delivery business was founded in Warrington, Cheshire so we know the area well! If you are looking for an office fruit delivery then we can help. We deliver fruit across the whole of the Warrington area (and most of Cheshire!) We have lots of customers across the town, from Gemini Park , Birchwood to Sci-Tech at Daresbury.

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Office Fruit Baskets

Seasonal Fruit Boxes are delivered weekly to the office and contain all the essential, easy to eat seasonal office fruit including Grapes and Berries like Apples, Bananas, Pears and Plums. The fruit boxes typically contain 45 -50 pieces of fruit, this can vary depending natural size variation of the fruit.

Warrington Office Fruit Delivery

Our Fruit Delivery Service

We deliver our fruit baskets and fruit boxes straight to your office. With our full Satisfaction Guarantee you can be confident of receiving only the best fruit to your office week after week. 

Good for you. Good for the Planet

We are committed to operating our business in the most sustainable manner possible whilst ensuring the sustainability and livelihoods of the people and business that supply us.

Multiple Office Locations?

We deliver our fruit boxes nationally, if you have multiple offices we can also remove the admin hassle by providing one consolidated invoice. You can pay for your fruit by invoice, direct debit or card.

More than one office or can't find your location?

If you have more than one office in Warrington, Cheshire or Nationally that would benefit from a fruit basket delivery to the office we can provide a delivery of fruit to all of them. We can also remove the admin hassle by supplying just one consolidated invoice. click here. If you can’t see your delivery area check our other delivery areas.

Office Fruit Baskets start from just £15.95 ( cheaper if you buy more )

An Office Fruit Delivery Van

Office fruit and more!

A delivery of seasonal, nutritious fruit to your office in Warrington is a brilliant way to ensure that your team remains refreshed all day.  Eatfruit delivers fruit to your office directly. Not only that we can deliver a wide variety of fresh milk and healthy snacks direct to your office as well – it’s an ideal way to keep your office happy and healthy.

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Did you know ? Ikea opened its first British store in Burtonwood, Warrington in 1987.

We supply Office Milk in Warrington

As part of drink milk, the UK’s national delivery network we can supply fresh milk and more from your local dairy in Stockport straight to your office – all on one monthly invoice.  Milk is available in traditional glass bottles along with non-dairy alternatives such as Soya, Almond and Oat. Prices start from 58p per pint