Red is the new Orange

Blood Oranges in Your Office Fruit Basket this week

A brilliantly coloured and truly seasonal fruit our Blood or “Blush” Oranges are only available for a very short period of time. We will be featuring them for two weeks, this week the Spanish Sanguinelli variety and next week Sicilian blood oranges – unique in the world for their taste and their nutritional value. Grown in close proximity to the active Etna volcano offering particularly fertile soil and a dry climate.

The growth of the glorious red pigment in the fruits is the result of anthocyanin, which develops when these citrus fruits ripen during warm sunny days tempered with cooler, sometimes snow covered nights.

Not only do these fruits look and taste amazing with hints of cherry or raspberry they have several health benefits, full of antioxidants and bursting with vitamin C – we hope you enjoy!

We have included a small amount for you to try. They a little harder to peel than the easy-peel fruit we normally include. We think the time taken to cut with a knife is certainly worth it – make sure you have a napkin to hand to catch the juice!

How to eat Blood Oranges

Harder to Peel than most of the citrus fruit we feature we recommend that you cut the Orange into slices with a sharp knife. Make sure you have a napkin to hand to catch the juices!

When to eat?

The Blood orange should have a firm texture.

What does Blood Orange taste like?

These fruits look and taste amazing with hints of cherry or raspberry. Blood oranges from Sicily are particularly flavoursome.

Where are they from?

Blood Oranges from Mount Etna

Most of our Blood oranges are either from Spain or Sicily. They are only available for a short number of weeks per a year.

How to Store 

Keep refrigerated at around 5°C.

Nutrition of a Blood Oranges

These Red delights pack a punch when it comes to nutrition with high levels of vitamin C.

Where can I try a Blood Orange

If your quick you can order one of our Fruit Baskets for your Office. We will be featuring them this week and next week.

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