Types of Fruits

The main types of fruits are :

Simple Fruit

Developed for the ripening of a single ovary of a flower these can either be dry or fleshy. Brazil nuts, strawberries, coconut, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc., are some dry simple fruits. Fleshy simple fruits are those that have a partial or full fleshy pericarp (fruit wall) on maturity. Some examples include cherry, tomato, olives, peach, plums, and cranberry.

Aggregate Fruit

These are  from multiple ovaries of a single flower. There are 4 main types such as raspberry, blackberry, follicles, achenes, and berries, and custard apples

Accessory Fruit

An Accessory fruit is one whose edible part comes from the ovary, as well as other parts of the flower. It can be simple, multiple, or an aggregate fruit. Apples and Pineapples fall into this category.

Multiple Fruit

These originate from an inflorescence, which is  a cluster of flowers. These flowers individually produce a fruit and the fruits when mature come in the form of a single mass.such as Pineapple and figs. 


Developed from a single Ovary from a single flower such as Blueberries.

Seedless Fruit

Seedless fruits mature in two ways. The first is where the fruit develops without parthenocarpy, whereas the second is where pollination stimulates fruit development.