Wellbeing Workshop Weeks in partnership with Key Wellbeing

Eatfruit has teamed up with Key Wellbeing to launch a new initiative and help your organisation keep on top of its workplace wellbeing game. 

Treat your team to a week of wellbeing goodness consisting of five expert-led sessions based on the research-backed ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ for your employees to learn, move, chill, connect and give. 

You will also receive helpful tools, tips and resources to refer to, along with the option to add on fresh fruit deliveries to the office, thanks to yours truly – us at Eatfruit!

Win-win for everyone

Employee wellbeing initiatives are a win-win for everyone.

Research by Deloitte suggests that for every £1 spend on employee wellbeing, organisations can expect a £5 return with savings realised through reduced absenteeism, improved retention and better employee engagement across the board.

Wellbeing Weeks are sold on a company headcount basis with prices starting from £12 +VAT per employee, per week.

Interactive Wellbeing Sessions

Wellbeing Workshop Weeks consist of 5 x interactive sessions, delivered online with fresh, expert-led content each quarter. 

Each experience is led by the research-backed 5 Ways to Wellbeing, giving employees the opportunity to:🔸 Learn new things 🔸 Move their bodies 🔸 Calm the mind 🔸 Connect with others 🔸 Give time and focus. 

To find out what a typical Wellbeing Week looks like, book a free info session below.