Where we deliver office fruit boxes in and around Solihull and Birmingham

A office fruit delivery service is available in each of the following areas across the England, Scotland and Wales.

Milk and Fruit Office Delivery in Solihull

Still a quaint, town full of interesting architecture with Tudor houses and shops.  Nearly three-quarters of the borough is defined as Green Belt and luckily for us the residents eat lots of fruit! Find out more

Fruit Basket Delivery in Birmingham

Eatfruits fruit box delivery service is the perfect way to replenish the fruit bowls throughout the city of Birmingham. Each week a delivery is made of the freshest fruit which is grown for flavour. click here 

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Cheap Fruit Delivery

A fruit delivery from a specialist office fruit delivery company such as ourselves isn’t always the cheapest way of having a fruit supply until you calculate and include the amount of time and disruption that your team spends going to the shops and dealing with the payment.  Once this is taken into account customers often tell us that a fruit delivery works out much cheaper. In addition to this it often works out better for the environment due to the drastic reduction in the amount of plastic used. Find out more